Here is Isaacs full biography

Who is he?

Exhilarating charisma, an unmeasurable amount of talent, extremely  positive energy, superior composition skills, impressive dance  coordination, and a sound we haven’t heard since the legendary Michael  Jackson. Put those together and you get Isaac Burris. Isaac Burris is a  20 year old Pop/R&B singer who can Sing, Dance, and Act taking those  3 features to a level that hasn’t been seen in the music industry for  quite some time. His energy captivates the room, his charm is infectious  and his persona is so humbling you have no choice but to believe in  what he is doing. Inspired by Michael and Janet Jackson, Motivated by  Beyoncé and Jay-Z, while admiring the work of Stevie Wonder and Nicki  Minaj, Isaac Burris is the next performer to blow.

His Journey

 Isaac identifies with the African American Community but comes from a  Caribbean/Egyptian/African heritage. He is also a member of the LGBT  community which makes it easy for him to identify with minorities but  also provide music that can give a voice to those who have yet to speak  out. Growing up in Benton, Iowa every day was a struggle, finding  himself, expressing who he was, and finding peers he could bond with.  Isaac goes in depth to these issues on his EP Discovery.

Discovery is Isaac’s first release with the four singles Getaway,  Restless, Could’ve Been, and Free. Produced by GMix East in Cedar  Rapids, Iowa. Artwork and Music Video designed by Alisabeth Von Presley.  Discovery is Isaac being true to himself and taking his audience on his  journey discovering who he is. Getaway talks about him wanting to  escape, Restless discusses him losing sleep over love, Could’ve been  talks about missed opportunities, and Free is the climax of the EP that  focuses on his evolution.

The Future

 Before releasing Discovery, Isaac was actually discovered by local FM  Radio station Z102.9 personality Clare. Clare collaborated Isaac with 5  other singers from the area to form a Boy Band called Clareboyant. This  was not only a humbling experience but it was also a good learning  opportunity to familiarize his self with the music business. With  Clareboyant he was able to get experience performing, recording,  conducting interviews and working with a team.

Today Isaac has the ability to take the music industry by surprise,  capitalize and raise the bar. When he performs he’s not just putting on a  show he’s putting on a production. When he sings he’s not just reading  words, he’s revealing emotions that will shape your own. Music has  always been Isaac’s outlet, his escape from reality, and since he does  not smoke or drink he considers music as his drug of choice! Isaac wants  to utilize his music and stature as an entertainer to change the world  for the better. His potential to be an icon is clear, his worth ethic s  undeniable, and his talent is unmatched. Listen to his music, feel his  words, and prepare to be taken away by his performance. Isaac Burris is  up next!